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At HNS Property Services, we specialize in new roof installations that increase the value of homes across Colorado. Based in Parker, CO, we’ve installed modern metal roofing and traditional shingles for property owners and new home builders in our communities.

HNS Property Services: Expert Roof Installations for New Home Constructions

Because of our new construction expertise, fully operational job sites are never a problem; we’re happy to work with home builders, property managers, and other contractors to complete or remodel your home. We plan, manage, and execute multi-phase jobs precisely, delivering high-quality results every time.

Here’s how we install the perfect roof for your Colorado property.

Steps for a Professional Roof Installation

1. Selecting the Right Roofing Materials
Choosing the appropriate roofing materials is the first crucial step. Our team of experienced roofing contractors will guide you through various options, from asphalt shingles to metal, tile, and stone-coated steel. We’ll help you select materials that align with your architectural style, budget, and long-term goals, ensuring your new home roofing project succeeds.

2. Preparing the Work Area: Our roofers arrive ready to set up the work area efficiently on roof installation day. Preparation is key, and we recommend you cover outdoor furniture and landscaping if necessary.

3. Installing Underlayment: We install a layer of underlayment, including felt or tar paper, to the deck to create a robust barrier against water.

4. Placing the Roofing Materials: Our contractors ensure precise and secure installation, whether asphalt shingles, metal panels, or tile. Each material is carefully installed to provide maximum protection and aesthetic appeal.

5. Adding Flashing: We install high-quality metal flashing around chimneys, vents, and joints for a watertight seal to protect from leaks.

6. Capping the Ridge: The ridge, or top peak of your roof, requires special attention. We use specialty materials to cap the ridge, providing extra protection against wind and water.

7. Thorough Cleanup: Our team conducts a thorough cleanup after your roof installation. We remove all materials, nails, and debris, leaving the construction site clean and safe.

Trust Your Local Roofers Throughout the Project

At HNS Property Services, we pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end client experience. This includes seamless communication, accurate budgeting, efficient staffing, organized on-site work, and consistently solid, quality handiwork. Our project management skills and extensive construction experience ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards.

HNS Property Services: Roofing Installation Experts in Colorado

For homeowners, home builders, and property managers in Colorado, HNS is your trusted partner for new home roofing installations. Our expert team ensures that every roof we install is built to last, providing peace of mind and enhancing the value of your residential property.

Contact us today to discuss your new construction roofing needs and schedule a consultation. Let HNS Property Services deliver the exceptional roofing solutions your new home deserves.





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